New Feature: Polls

You asked for it and we delivered! New to the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App is the polling feature. With TeamLinkt Polls, your team can now cast their vote on important issues. Polls are anonymous and include a start and end date and time and can include as many options as you need. You can find this feature on the messaging tab in the mobile app. 

So whether you are trying to decide where to go for a team meal or if your team would like to attend an extra tournament this year – it can all be settled in TeamLinkt Polls. 

Download the TeamLinkt App today to get started at

About TeamLinkt

TeamLinkt is a proudly Canadian Sports Team Management App that allows teams to share rosters, schedules, availability, chat, share photos, polling, game reminders, player statistics, in-game feeds, live video stream, fund raise and more. Teams across the world trust TeamLinkt as the tool to connect and organize throughout the season.

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