TeamLinkt Case Study: Al Anderson’s on Track for 300+ Teams

Al Anderson’s Source for Sports is now entering their second year as a TeamLinkt Community Partner and are on track to surpass over 300+ sponsored teams, giving them exclusive access to over 10,000 local players and parents.  

Through the TeamLinkt Partner Program, sporting goods stores of all sizes and in all types of communities sponsor and provide sports teams in their market with free access to the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App.  The app helps teams connect and communicate during the season by sharing rosters, schedules, availability, game feeds, live game streaming and more. In exchange for sponsorship, the store receives exclusive marketing opportunities via the app back to the players and parents.

Al Anderson’s participation has helped them build goodwill in the community and given them tons of exposure to their target audience.

In just their first year, through outreach to local teams via their Team Sales Reps and weekly Facebook posts, 135 teams have signed up through Al’s offer.  Across these 135 teams, Al’s has accumulated over 775,000 targeted ad views to players and parents.

Now, with new League tools offered by TeamLinkt – Al’s will be sponsoring TeamLinkt across Minor Hockey and Lacrosse in their community…. with other Leagues yet to come.  Al’s has their team growth figured out and is now looking at leveraging their exclusive advertising access to drive online and in-store purchases.

For the fall season, Al’s will take advantage of loyalty program options offered by TeamLinkt.  It is a perfect opportunity since the TeamLinkt Loyalty program encourages teams to shop to earn rewards, and at a $2,500 per reward threshold – across 300+ teams Al’s has the opportunity to drive in $750,000 in loyalty revenue.

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TeamLinkt protects Local Sports Stores & Team Dealers from Amazon

Sports Team Management Apps are an essential tool for player and parent.  These apps enable teams to share schedules, automate reminders, set player availability, streamline communications… and really focus on the game.  Engagement in these apps are higher than many social media platforms – and targeted access and exposure to players and parents via these apps means big dollars.

TeamSnap, one of the recognized Sport Team Management Apps in North America – used by baseball, hockey, soccer and many other sports – has now leveraged their connection to millions of players and parents to drive equipment and apparel sales away from local retailers.

TeamSnap has partnered with Amazon and from their app’s dashboard, and within the TeamSnap ‘Emails’ to players and parents, TeamSnap is aggressively promoting local shoppers to “SKIP THE TRIP TO THE STORE AND GEAR UP VIA AMAZON”.  For Local Stores and Team Dealers, this is yet another channel that’s pushing players and parents to Amazon.


At TeamLinkt, we recognize that it’s critical for Local Sporting Good Stores and Team Dealers to own this channel – and without it, companies like TeamSnap and Amazon will continue to chip away at these local relationships and equipment & apparel revenue streams.

Through our TeamLinkt Community Partner Program, Stores and Team Dealers license and provide a competing Team Management App (with many added features that teams love!) to teams in their community.  You sponsor the app for teams helping them save money on technology, build goodwill … and best of all, you’ll own this new marketing channel – exclusive advertising & a direct link to your store!

Take action today to protect your business from online giants!

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TeamLinkt – Live Video Streaming is Here!

With multiple kids, work and travel – it’s just not possible to make it to every one of your kids baseball, hockey or soccer game.  Live in-game score updates are cool, but it doesn’t replace watching from the stands.  So, we’ve been working hard to get you as close as possible to the action… and now, right from the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App, you can live stream & share the game with those that can’t make it.  And, from initial testing… we’re getting huge smiles from busy parents & out of town grandparents!

With live streaming, you’ll want to setup ahead of the game, here are some tips and best practices.

Once setup, for the rest of the season, you can begin streaming right from your smartphone with just a few clicks.  When a live stream starts, we instantly notify all team members – they’ll get a push notification that the event is live, and can click a link to begin watching the game right from their smartphone, computer or can cast it to their TV.  Team members have the option to re-share with other friends and family.

Games and events are recorded and accessible afterwards, making it perfect for coaches wanting to review game tape, and kids who want to see the highlights.

Live Streaming is included in the Free and Pro plans of the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App.  To access the latest features and connect your team, download/update TeamLinkt from your app store (iPhone and Android).


Building customers loyalty, reaching new teams and players, and participating in the community are key ingredients to a successful sporting good store.   Matt with Sports Connection Source for Sports in Medicine Hat, AB recently took advantage of the TeamLinkt Community Partner Program and is quickly seeing benefits in all three of these areas.

Through the TeamLinkt Partner Program, Matt is providing sports teams in his community with free access to the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App.  Teams in Medicine Hat can now take advantage of the TeamLinkt Pro Plan – at no cost to them.  The app makes it easy for coaches, players & parents to stay organized and connected during the season, no matter the sport.  Teams can share player rosters, schedules, availability, photos and more – and through the technology, teams have a better season – thanks to Matt.

In exchange for sponsorship, Matt receives exclusive ads in the app.

“We now have full access to these teams and parents   – our target audience.  The ability to put an ad right in front of them is a really low cost form of advertising for us and I know it’s hitting the right demographic for me” explained Matt.

“In just 3 weeks since joining the Community Partner Program, we’ve sponsored 40 teams and my ads have had over 75,000 views.  Growing teams has been faster than expected,” says Matt. “We reached out to Minor Hockey who forwarded our sponsor code, we use Facebook, and we add the postcards you sent us into customers bags.”

Matt’s excited about how quickly teams are adopting the app and the feedback he’s getting.

“We have had a ton of positive feedback.  I have had coaches and parents stop me in the rink and in my store to thank me for getting this setup.”  

With teams now sharing the app with each other, and the Sports Connection Source for Sports teams’ continued messaging, Matt is expecting a lot more growth!    

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Introducing TeamLinkt

We’ve launched!

Simplify communications and stay organized this season with TeamLinkt. Available for iOS & AndroidAfter months of development – we’re excited to release TeamLinkt to the world! TeamLinkt is a web & mobile app that makes it easy sports teams to save time and stay organized all season long.

As coaches, players & parents ourselves – we were sick of spending time sending reminder emails, wondering if games were rained out, and communicating via text, email & Facebook groups. So we decided there had to be a better way.

Enter TeamLinkt. The easiest app for sports teams. It has all the features you need to stay organized, but without the clutter of a complicated system.

Simply create your team and get started in minutes. With TeamLinkt you can:

  • Share roster information – including parent & player contact details
  • View upcoming events & sync your schedule
  • Set your availability & get reminders
  • Live chat to communicate cancellations, location changes & more
  • Post important documents to your message board
  • Share photos & build team pride

You can use TeamLinkt from your desktop computer, or by downloading the app for iOS or Android – and best of all, you can get started for free.

To learn more, visit or search TeamLinkt in your app store to get started.